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Numerical reasoning mcq for european institution competitions

Anglais Numerical reasoning mcq for european institution competitions (édition en anglais)

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This book is aimed at all candidates planning to sit European institution competitions who wish to prepare as effectively as possible for the numerical reasoning test.

The numerical reasoning test is not just a test of calculation. To be successful, candidates must display three key qualities :

The ability to understand and analyse: you need to know how to read a piece of information and interpret tables and graphs in order to decide correctly what operations are needed, a mastery of basic mathematical concepts: percentages, variation rates, averages., speed: to answer the questions within the time allowed, you must avoid long calculations wherever possible and also avoid automatic use of the calculator.

Entry competitions for European institutions are highly selective. Success in the numerical reasoning test is, above all, a matter of method and training.

This book can significantly increase your chance of success. It contains :

A detailed methodology illustrated with numerous examples, 12 tests of 10 questions each, arranged by level of difficulty, a detailed explanation of the answer to each question.

The questions in this book are similar to those that have been set in the competitions run by EPSO since 2010 and are different from the ones in previous books and in online tests.

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