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@2@@20@REISSUED AS A SCEPTRE 30TH CLASSIC@21@@3@@2@@20@WINNER OF THE COSTA BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD (2011)@21@@3@@2@@20@A year of bones, of grave-dirt, relentless work. Of mummified corpses and chanting priests.@21@@16@@20@@21@@16@@20@A year of rape, suicide, sudden death. Of friendship too. Of desire. Of love...@21@@16@@20@@21@@16@@20@A year unlike any other he has lived.@21@@16@@20@@21@@16@Deep in the heart of Paris, its oldest cemetery is, by 1785, overflowing, tainting the very breath of those who live nearby. Into their midst comes Jean-Baptiste Baratte, a young, provincial engineer charged by the king with demolishing it.@3@@2@At first Baratte sees this as a chance to clear the burden of history, a fitting task for a modern man of reason. But before long, he begins to suspect that the destruction of the cemetery might be a prelude to his own.@3@

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