The matarese countdown


NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER First-rate suspense.--People Twenty years ago, top agents from the CIA and KGB banded together to bring down the Matarese Circle, an international cabal of power brokers and assassins whose sole objective was to achieve worldwide economic domination. Now the bloody Matarese dynasty is back--and the only man with the power to stop it may have already run out of time.

CIA case officer Cameron Pryce is hot on the trail of the new Matarese alliance. His only chance to terminate its ruthless activities is to follow the trail of blood money and stone-cold killers right to the heart of its deadly conspiracy. From the Hamptons to Londons Belgrave Square, Matarese assassins have already struck with brutal efficiency, eliminating all who stand in their way. Their chain of violence is impossible to stop--until Pryce gets a rare break. One of the Matareses victims survives long enough to whisper dying words that will blow the case wide open: the top secret code name for legendary retired CIA agent Brandon Scofield--the only man who has ever infiltrated the Matarese inner circle and lived to tell about it.

Welcome to Robert Ludlums world . . . fast pacing, tight plotting, international intrigue.--The Plain Dealer

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Robert Ludlum

Ecrivain, comédien et metteur en scène américain né en 1927, Robert Ludlum s'est imposé depuis 1971 dans le cercle restreint des romanciers à succès. Il lance le personnage de Jason Bourne en 1980 avec La mémoire dans la peau, premier volume d'une série ininterrompue de triomphes internationaux adaptés au cinéma, avec Matt Damon dans le rôle principal. Après la mort de Ludlum en 2001, Eric Van Lustabder, auteur de nombreux best-sellers, reprend le flambeau, et s'impose à son tour comme un maître du suspense.