• They were four extroardinary women who read minds, healed bodies, diverted disasters, foretold the futureand became pariahs in their own land. A talented, elite cadre, they stepped out of the everyday human race...to enter their own!From the Paperback edition.

  • Xhinna, the first female Weyrleader, and her group of young dragonriders struggle to rebuild the decimated dragon population and protect the world from a deadly alien spore by collecting dragon eggs and protecting baby dragons from predators and saboteurs.

  • Anglais Damia

    McCaffrey Anne

    Of all the Rowan's children, Damia was the most brilliant, the most difficult, the loneliest, and the one who had inherited the greatest Talent. It was obvious from childhood that she was going to be a Prime, with all the honours, burdens and strains of that elite class. Her one friend was Afra -- older, wiser, Talented in his own way, but 'belonging' almost exclusively to the Rowan and the workings of Callisto Station.

    As Damia grew up, her Talent became almost too strong to control, and the solution was separation -- from her parents, from Callisto, from her beloved Afra. Sent to the distant planet of Deneb, to her strange and gifted grandmother, Damia began the training necessary to turn her into a Prime of extraordinary gifts -- a Prime who could contact the minds of approaching aliens through space, some of whom threatened to totally destroy the worlds of the Nine Star League.

  • Anglais Damia's Children

    McCaffrey Anne

    Damia and Afra-Raven-Lyon had reared their children in a brilliant and unorthodox way. All their young had been 'paired' when six months old with the furry, one-eyed Mrdinis, the only other sentient beings in the Alliance, who could communicate with humans by their 'dream messages'. Together, Man and Mrdini worked to create prosperous worlds and guard against the terrible threat of the annihilating Hivers.

    And now, in the deeps of Space, Mrdini scouts had crossed the path of three Hive ships -- ships that were giant hulks of cell units, bearing the queens and workers out into space, to breed and multiply and destroy wherever they found a viable planet.

    It was the four elder children of Damia -- Laria, Thian, Rojer and Zara -- all uniquely talented in their various ways, who were to play their part, helped by their life-long Dini friends, in the conquering and investigation of the Alien threat of the Hivers.

  • Anglais Freedom's Ransom

    McCaffrey Anne

    Enslaved on an uninhabited planet by the alien Eosi, Kristin Bjornsen and her fellow humans not only survived against all odds to colonize the world now known as Botany, but liberated themselves from their captors and claimed it as their homeThe colonists could not have achieved victory without the help of the exiled Catteni alien, Zainal, who helped Kris contact other races subjugated by the Eosi, and inspired the rebellion that freed them all. To ensure Botanys future, its people must build alliances.In the wake of alien devastation, Earth has been looted of its technologytechnology Botany desperately needs. If Kris and Zainal can reclaim the stolen goods, they can assist Earth while setting a foundation for Botanys place in the universe

  • Anglais Freedom's Challenge

    McCaffrey Anne

    The alien Catteni invaded Earth and enslaved thousands of humans on the planet Botany, where they struggle to survive while colonizing the world for their overseers. Now that theyve proved Botany is capable of sustaining life, Kris Bjornsen and her fellow settlers have no intention of surrendering the home theyve created for themselvesArmed with the knowledge that the true enemy behind the Catteni is the Eosi race, Kris has begun a campaign to free Botanys settlers by raising a rebellion among her people against their parasitic oppressors.Aided by her Catteni lover, Zainal, Kris and the colonists manage to steal warshipsand discover dissidents on other Eosi-controlled worlds. If all of the subjugated races join forces, they will have an army large enough to win their freedom and their worlds.The war of liberation has begun.

  • They had called the planet Botany, after the old penal colony on earth. For that is what they were - prisoners and dissidents from other worlds whom the hated Catteni had banished to an empty planet - or what they thought was an empty planet.

    Kris Bjornsen and her fellow slaves had survived very well - and one reason was that amongst their number was Zainal, a high ranking Catteni who was as trapped on Botany as they were. Zainal knew the Catteni ways and the Catteni technology, and he had plans for fighting back. For, as he explained, the Catteni too were victims - subject to the mighty and terrifying Eosi race who used the Catteni as a galactic police force - and also used them in more grisly and horrifying ways.

    And over Zainal's daring and secret plans, over the surveying expeditions and the exploration of the strange hidden valleys, hung a further mystery - to whom did Botany really belong? Who had created the giant grain sheds - the mammoth machinery that tilled the great fields? The new inhabitants of Botany called them the 'Farmers' - and waited for the day they would come to harvest their crops.

    And when that happened, the refugees were awed into silence - for the Farmers were greater than anything the universe had ever seen.

  • Anglais Lyon's Pride

    McCaffrey Anne

    The Hive acts as a single entity, relentlessly swarming the galaxy, endlessly propagating on every habitable world they encounter--destroying native populations in the process. They do not recognize any sentience but their own. They do not acknowledge any attempt to communicate with them. They do not understand they leave countless numbers of dead in their wake.
    The Prime Talents of the Raven-Lyon clan--telepaths, teleporters, and telekinetics--have protected the Alliance from the Hive breeding contagion for years. Now a fleet orbits the alien homeworld to prevent them from leaving, and a Hive queen and her eggs are in captivity and quarantined. And unless the Raven-Lyons break the language barrier between Human and Hive, the Alliance may have no choice but to eliminate their entire race…

  • Kristin Bjornsen lived a normal life, right up until the day the spaceships floated into view above Denver. As human slaves were herded into the maw of a massive vessel, Kristin realized her normal life was over and her fight for freedom was just beginning…
    The alien Catteni value strength and intelligence in their slaves--and Kristin has managed to survive her enslavement while hundreds of other humans have not. But her trial has just begun, for now she finds herself part of a massive experiment. The aliens have discovered a new world, and they have a simple way of finding out if it’s habitable: drop hundreds of slaves on the surface and see what happens.
    If they survive, colonization can begin. If not, there are always more slaves.

    For generations, the descendants of the powerful telepath known as The Rowan have used their talents to benefit humanity. As human civilization reached out to colonize the stars, the family led Earth to ally itself with the peaceful alien Mrdini. Together, the two races have held back the predatory Hivers, who once decimated entire worlds.
    But there are factions on Earth who resent the power the family has accumulated. Now, with their goals of peace and prosperity so close at hand, The Rowan’s descendants face the looming destruction of all they have suffered to achieve…

  • Les Lyon - Laria, Rojer, Thian et Zara - sont frères et soeurs. Ce sont les enfants de Damia, les petits-enfants de la Rowane ? Curieuse Dynastie ! Dotés de pouvoirs télépathiques extraordinaires, ils n'ont pas reçu en héritage la puissance politique, ils ont grandi à la périphérie de la fédération interstellaire, voués, dès leur naissance, à une mission : endiguer l'invasion des vaisseaux-ruches, qui semblent vouloir coloniser l'univers entier en éliminant les autres formes de vie. Terrible guerre où les Lyon, dès l'enfance ont appris à communiquer avec les 'Dinis, ces extraterrestres mystérieux alliés des hommes. Aujourd'hui le temps presse, les vaisseaux-ruches écument la Galaxie. Il est temps que les jeunes Doués entrent en scène.

  • Sur Pern, les hommes vivent auprès des dragons et de leurs cousins, les whers. Ces derniers sont utiles au travail dans les grottes et les mines car ils voient dans le noir. Le jeune Kindan s'apprête à travailler avec son père et Dask, le wher de garde de leur camp, lorsqu'un accident terrible survient à la mine. Kindan, désormais orphelin, est recueilli par le maître-harpiste qui lui confie une grande mission : élever un nouveau wher, Kisk. Peu à peu, Kindan découvre les pouvoirs cachés de cette attachante créature. Son rôle parmi les hommes sera vital et changera à jamais la vie de Kindan et des siens.

  • Henry darrow était un clairvoyant amateur plutôt doué.
    Il avait donc prévu son propre accident de voiture. pourtant il oublia sa prédiction et se réveilla sur un lit d'hôpital. les médecins ne donnaient pas cher de sa peau mais ils se trompaient : il connaissait la date de sa mort. il savait aussi qu'il aurait un rôle à jouer. un peu partout, les gens haussaient les épaules quand on leur parlait de pouvoirs extrasensoriels. mais quand ils devaient se rendre à l'évidence, c'était plus grave : qui pourrait se sentir à l'aise avec un télépathe lisant dans les esprits ? alors les doués grandissaient dans la solitude et le silence.
    Ils étaient les chevaux sauvages et il fallait leur apprendre à dompter leur don. une tâche écrasante allait peser sur les épaules d'henry darrow : c'était à lui de leur dire comment chevaucher pégase.

  • quand l'étoile rouge arrive dans le ciel de pern, les fils d'argent pleuvent sur la planète, anéantissant toute vie sur leur passage.
    les premiers colons l'ont appris à leurs dépens. mais, deux cents ans après, il ne reste plus de traces concrètes du fléau, sauf les dragons de pern, spécialement créés pour exterminer les fils. les
    chevaliers-dragons n'ont pas oublié l'art de les entraîner au combat ; et les seigneurs gardiens se tiennent prêts à protéger les gens. mais les souvenirs s'effacent, les derniers ordinateurs s'éteignent, il faut réinventer le crayon et même l'enseignement oral.
    le savoir se rétrécit : on cesse de raconter aux jeunes l'histoire de la terre, même les fils semblent bien lointains. et quand la position de l'étoile rouge annonce leur retour, il y a des sceptiques, y compris, malheureusement, un seigneur gardien, chadlkin de brita, qui refuse de préparer la défense de son fort. une imprudence mortelle pour les habitants. à moins que les autres seigneurs gardiens ne trouvent une idée.
    une idée pour le présent, c'est bien. une idée pour l'avenir, c'est encore mieux : il ne faut pas qu'une pareille tragédie se reproduise.

  • rhyssa owen savait qu'elle aurait pu tricher et faire tourner le centre de parapsychologie de jerhattan en formant les télékinétiques à la demande.
    ils auraient aussitôt trouvé des plateformes spatiales - le prochain pas de l'humanité vers les étoiles. seulement, rhyssa ne voulait pas entrer dans ce jeu. il devait toujours y avoir des places libres au centre pour accueillir les nouveaux doués. mais chez elle, les enfants étaient vendus comme esclaves. un beau jour, rhyssa vit surgir dans sa vie un homme extraordinaire qui n'avait pas le moindre talent mesurable...

  • la rowane, à l'âge de trois ans, avait déjà le don, mais nul ne s'en doutait.
    il fallut qu'arrivât le terrible accident... et elle poussa ce cri mental de détresse qui fut entendu par tous les télépathes de la planète. une clairvoyante prophétisa : " protégez-la bien. longue sera sa route. mais elle nous sauvera d'une catastrophe sans commune mesure avec celle qui la met aujourd'hui en danger. " alors on lui donna des médicaments qui effacèrent tout souvenir du désastre. elle grandit.
    elle apprit à se servir de son pouvoir. mais les doués ne sont pas toujours très aimés. ni très heureux. pourtant, il y avait une force en elle. peut-être attendait-elle celui qui l'aiderait à découvrir le voyage instantané et peut-être, un jour, le courage d'accomplir la prophétie. la rowane est le troisième volume du très beau cycle le vol de pégase, l'histoire des doués, ces humains aux pouvoirs psychiques très développés.