• La Vénus de Botticelli Creek Nouv.

    Dans la vallée enneigée de la Madison, une femme s'est volatilisée. Nanika Martinelli, surnommée "la Vénus de Botticelli Creek", est une jeune guide de rivière aux cheveux roux qui attire les clients comme les mouches attirent les truites. Lancée à sa recherche, la shérif Martha Ettinger découvre le corps d'un homme empalé sur les bois d'un cerf géant. Accident ou meurtre ? Serait-ce une piste pour retrouver la disparue que tout le monde croit dévorée par un loup ? Aidée par son ami Sean Stranahan, détective privé à ses heures, Martha devra se confronter à un groupe fanatique de défense des animaux, le Clan du Loup à trois griffes, et à leur meneur au charisme destructeur.

  • Les Montagnes Rocheuses livrent parfois de macabres trouvailles - comme les deux cadavres exhumés au dégel par un grizzly affamé. Rejetant la thèse d'un accident de chasse, le shérif Martha Ettinger se tourne vers Sean Stranahan, peintre amateur, guide de pêche et détective privé à ses heures perdues. Le même jour, Sean est embauché par un club de pêcheurs excentriques pour retrouver une précieuse mouche de pêche volée. Ces affaires vont se télescoper et exiger des deux partenaires une action aussi précise qu'un lancer de mouche et aussi rapide qu'une balle de revolver.

  • La Madison River est l'une des plus belles rivières du Montana, mais c'est un cadavre, et non une truite, que l'on vient d'y pêcher. Pour l'intrépide shérif Martha Ettinger, l'homicide est évident, et la mouche plantée dans la lèvre boursouflée de la victime a tout d'une macabre signature. Non loin de la scène du crime, Martha tombe sur Sean Stranahan, peintre amateur, pêcheur invétéré et ex-détective privé, lui-même lancé sur une affaire de disparition. Ensemble, Martha et Sean vont remonter une piste glissante qui débouchera sur les zones d'ombre du "big business" du Montana : la pêche à la mouche.

  • Winner of the Spur Award for Best Western Contemporary Novel
    Buffalo Jump Blues, the fifth novel in the Sean Stranahan mystery series, is coming from Viking on June 28,2016
    In the fourth novel in the acclaimed Sean Stranahan mystery series, PI Stranahan and Sheriff Ettinger reunite to investigate a teenage girl’s death
    Spring snow still clings to the teeth of Montana’s Crazy Mountains when an unsuspecting member of the Madison River Liars and Fly Tiers Club discovers a Santa hat in the fireplace ashes of his rented cabin. Climbing to the roof to see what’s clogging the flue, he’s shocked to find the body of a teenage girl wedged into the chimney. A rodeo belt buckle identifies the recently deceased victim as Cinderella “Cindy” Huntington, a rising rodeo star. Hyalite County sheriff Martha Ettinger has been hunting for the girl since she went missing the previous November.
    Was Cindy murdered? Or was she running for her life--and if so, from whom? Suspicion falls on a buckskin-clad mountain man who calls himself Bear Paw Bill. But Etta Huntington, Cindy’s high-strung mother, herself a famous horsewoman, thinks the evil might lie closer to home. She hires fly-fishing guide and private detective Sean Stranahan to find the answers. Setting aside their after-hours relationship, Sean and Martha find themselves deep in an investigation that grows to involve a high-altitude sex club, a lost diary, cave pictographs, and the legends of the Crazy Mountains. With his signature wit and wry humor, McCafferty writes a pitch-perfect mystery that is as haunting as the Crazies.
    From the Hardcover edition.

  • In the sixth novel in the acclaimed Sean Stranahan mystery series, Montana's favorite detective finds himself on the trail of Ernest Hemingway's missing steamer trunk. Buffalo Jump Blues, fifth in the series, is now available.
    When a woman goes missing in a spring snowstorm and is found dead in a bear's den, Sheriff Martha Ettinger reunites with her once-again lover Sean Stranahan to investigate. In a pannier of the dead woman's horse, they find a wallet of old trout flies, the leather engraved with the initials EH. Only a few days before, Patrick Willoughby, the president of the Madison River Liars and Fly Tiers Club, had been approached by a man selling fishing gear that he claimed once belonged to Ernest Hemingway. A coincidence? Sean doesn't think so, and he soon finds himself on the trail of a stolen trunk rumored to contain not only the famous writer's valuable fly fishing gear but priceless pages of unpublished work.
    The investigation will take Sean through extraordinary chapters in Hemingway's life. Inspired by a true story, Cold Hearted River is a thrilling adventure, moving from Montana to Michigan, where a woman grapples with the secrets in her heart, to a cabin in Wyoming under the Froze To Death Plateau, and finally to the ruins in Havana, where an old man struggles to complete his life's mission one true sentence at a time.

  • À la recherche d'inspiration dans un bungalow du Montana, le romancier Max Gallagher a la fâcheuse surprise de trouver sa cheminée bouchée. Il en retire un chiffon rouge : en fait, un bonnet de père Noël. Intrigué, et surtout frigorifié, il monte sur le toit jeter un coup d'oeil et découvre dans le conduit le cadavre d'une jeune femme. La victime s'appelle Cindy Huntington, une jeune star de rodéo disparue depuis des mois. A-t-elle voulu entrer dans le chalet par le conduit de cheminée, avant de se retrouver tragiquement coincée ? Ou a-t-elle été assassinée - mais quel serait le mobile de ce crime ? La shérif Martha Ettinger, aidée de Sean Stranahan, aquarelliste, pêcheur à la mouche et enquêteur à ses heures, se lance dans une investigation en terrain glissant.

  • The third novel starring Montana's fly fisherman-cum-detective Sean Stranahan, for fans of C. J. Box and Craig Johnson
    Wolves howl as a riderless horse returns at sunset to the Culpepper Dude Ranch in the Madison Valley. The missing woman, Nanika Martinelli, is better known as the Fly Fishing Venus, a red-haired river guide who lures clients the way dry flies draw trout.
    As Sheriff Martha Ettinger follows hoof tracks in the snow, she finds one of the men who has fallen under the temptress's spell impaled on the antler tine of a giant bull elk, a kill that's been claimed by a wolf pack. An accident? If not, is the killer human or animal? With painter, fly fisherman, and sometimes private detective Sean Stranahan's help, Ettinger will follow clues that point to an animal rights group called the Clan of the Three-Clawed Wolf and to their svengali master, whose eyes blaze with pagan fire.
    In their most dangerous adventure yet, Stranahan and Ettinger find themselves in the crossfire of wolf lovers, wolf haters, and a sister bent on revenge, and on the trail of an alpha male gone terribly wrong.

  • The first novel in the clever and fast-paced Sean Stranahan Mystery Series, for fans of C. J. Box, Craig Johnson, and Carl Hiassen
    Angling is a multibillion dollar business, and no one knows that better than Keith McCafferty, the award-winning survival and outdoor skills editor of Field & Stream magazine and resident of Montana, home to the world's most fanatical fly fishing community.
    In McCafferty's compelling debut, a young man is found dead with a Royal Wulff trout fly stuck through his lip. Sheriff Martha Ettinger's investigation leads her to cross paths with fly fisher, painter, and has-been private detective Sean Stranahan. As the water temperature rises, the clues point them both toward Montana's big business: fly fishing. Where there's money, there's bound to be crime.

  • 'Truly wonderful. . . . A mystery that unfolds with grace and humor against a setting of stunning beauty and danger.' -'Nevada Barr, New York Times bestselling author of the Anna Pigeon Mysteries
    Award-winning Field & Stream writer Keith McCafferty caused a splash amongst mystery lovers and fly-fishermen alike with his debut novel, The Royal Wulff Murders. Now McCafferty is back-'and so is fly-fisherman, painter, and sometime private detective Sean Stranahan. When a search dog discovers the bear-ravaged remains of two elderly men on Sphinx Mountain, Sheriff Martha Ettinger suspects murder. Meanwhile, Stranahan has been hired by the Madison River Liars and Fly Tiers Club, a group of eccentric fishermen, to find a valuable Gray Ghost fly stolen from their clubhouse. Could the theft be connected to the gray ghosts who haunt Sphinx Mountain? To find out, Stranahan will cross arms with some of the most powerful people in Madison Valley, in a novel that is sure to capture new fans for one of the mystery genre's rising stars.