• This book presents a clear and concise summary of the clinical tenets of lung transplantation with an update on recent developments in the field. It examines the operational principles which underpin successful lung transplantation and shows how an evidenced based approach combined with wisdom borne of experience leads to better outcomes in day-to-day management. Focused on simplicity and elegance of style with ample visual images, this book provides a unique overview of trends and strategies for the best outcomes in lung transplantation. Approachable and easily digested, this book will be a go-to resource for professionals seeking a succinct and well-illustrated guide to this growing area of surgical transplantation. 

  • Comment se développe la science? Quelles sont les grandes découvertes qui révolutionnent notre quotidien? Voici des questions auxquelles répondent de grands scientifiques à travers Scientifica. Qu'il s'agisse des mathématiques, de physique quantique d'astronomie de biologie, de chimie, de géologie ou encore de médecine, des spécialistes de chaque discipline nous guident à travers les âges et nous racontent ces découvertes qui ont façonné notre quotidien comme l'électricité, la génétique, les grandes avancées médicales permettant aujourd'hui de vivre mieux et plus longtemps. Photographies, graphiques, schémas, encadrés permettent de créer une véritable dynamique de lecture des plus passionnantes. Un ouvrage idéal à conseiller tout autant aux étudiants qu'aux scientifiques en herbe. Un livre à mettre dans toutes les bibliothèques.

  • Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome in Lung Transplantation presents the most current and up-to-date evidence regarding the diagnosis and management of BOS.  In-depth chapters provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the definition and changing perceptions of the nature of BOS as a clinical and pathologic entity, immune and non-immune mechanisms that have been identified as risk factors for the development of BOS, and interventions that may prove to be clinically useful for the prevention or treatment of BOS.  In addition to outlining the current state of knowledge, each chapter provides the reader with the most current and ongoing research in the field as well as identifies areas where future research is needed. Written by an international group of expert authors, Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome in Lung Transplantation is an important new text, that is essential reading for pulmonologists, primary care practitioners, respiratory care practitioners and clinical researchers.