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  • The only book to support the compulsory Textual Analysis component of Advanced Higher English.Written by subject experts, this book contains short extracts of prose fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama with analysis and commentary to assist students' understanding and their ability to critically assess their reading of literature. Short writing tasks, linked to the analysis of particular techniques, help to develop aspects of creative writing skills.The Textual Analysis component forms a compulsory section of the Advanced Higher English syllabus and accounts for 20% of the final grade; the portfolio (which can include creative writing) accounts for 30%. Practice and improvement in these areas is therefore vital to achieving the best possible result.- Offers a wide selection of materials for study and practice, including fiction, poetry, drama and non-fiction
    - Includes exam-style extracts and questions, with advice and sample answers provided online, free of charge
    - Demonstrates practical means of improving creative writing skills by re-crafting and refining the techniques demonstrated in the extracts