Graham Turner

  • Silence is a mysterious and unfathomable realm, perhaps the most under-used of all resources, and one our modern culture has all but obliterated by turning up the volume control. Graham Turner explores the power that can be found in silence through interviewing monastics, religious leaders, composers, actors, psychotherapists, prisoners and peace workers about their experiences of practising silence. Ranging from Christian contemplation in the Egyptian desert to Vipassana meditation in India, from the shared silence of Quaker meetings in Oxford to the profound stillness of the Alps, this is a powerful book about a great gap in modern human awareness.

  • Cet ouvrage a une double vocation. Il révèle dans un premier temps pourquoi l'article rédigé par Graham Turner peut être considéré comme l'un des textes fondateurs de l'idée d'effondrement de la société contemporaine, ou de la collapsologie. Il offre l'opportunité de replonger dans le rapport Meadows (1972), de montrer en quoi il fut novateur, de rappeler qu'il ne se voulait initialement pas prédictif, et d'enfin émettre quelques critiques. Dans un second temps, l'ouvrage s'intéresse aux retombées du texte de Graham Turner en montrant quelle vision de l'effondrement ce texte a diffusé. À la lumière du déclin de civilisations anciennes, l'ouvrage propose des réflexions quant aux diverses représentations de l'effondrement.

  • This book examines the benefits of applying the Identity Structure Analysis (ISA) to teacher professional development. At present no government, local authority or school is actively applying Identity Structure Analysis to monitor school improvement: in a profession where turnover is extremely high, ISA is framed as a way for professional development to meet the needs of the specific teacher. Examining idiographic ISA analyses as well as practical advice for implementing professional development programs, the authors scrutinise how ISA can be used in conjunction with mentoring to offset teacher turnover. This practical volume will be of interest and value to scholars and researchers of teacher identity and professional development, as well as researchers and policymakers interested in reducing teacher turnover.