John Erwin

  • Au Texas, Bart Millard, 10 ans, abandonné par sa mère, doit subir au quotidien la violence d'un père alcoolique. Des années plus tard au lycée, sa passion pour la musique lui donne l'occasion de s'évader loin de son père, avec son groupe. Mais pour s'accomplir en tant qu'artiste, il va devoir affronter son passé. Trouvera-t-il assez de foi pour pardonner à son père ?

  • This book addresses the difficult decisions in the life of law students, graduates and young law professionals in deciding the area of legal practice to pursue as a career.
    The number of legal fields and subfields is over one hundred, making it virtually impossible for an upcoming lawyer to explore all of these career avenues. Many
    students finish law school with little understanding of what specific law careers involve, for example, or what sports or space lawyers routinely do. 
    This book highlights the time-consuming nature of law education and training that causes a lack of experience in legal fields as being able to successfully determine the
    right legal profession for the student. Finding a law career that is a significant source of satisfaction is a function of serious thinking and active research, which the
    current university to legal practice does not facilitate. This book is a practical guide for any student or current lawyer who is deciding and evaluating their future
    legal profession.