Barry Lopez

  • Apres le nouveau monde

    Barry Lopez

    A travers un récit, un manifeste et un entretien, ce petit ouvrage rassemble les convictions fondamentales de Barry Lopez, l'un des grands nature writers américains contemporains.
    Le récit raconte l'incursion espagnole dans le Nouveau Monde. Plus précisément, il raconte comment la destruction brutale des peuples indigènes et de leurs cultures est un événement fondateur de la modernité, et la matrice de la crise écologique . Ce contre-récit de la « découverte de l'Amérique par Christophe Colomb » a été écrit en 1992.
    Le manifeste tente de formuler les convictions poétiques et narratives de la génération de nature writers à laquelle Barry Lopez appartient.
    « Je fais partie de cette génération d'écrivains qui revient sans cesse à la géographie, comme les écrivains d'une autre génération revenaient sans cesse à Freud et la psychanalyse. » Enfin, Barry Lopez mène un entretien sur des questions de souveraineté, d'écologie et d'éthique avec Oren Lyons, leader amérindien et défenseur des droits indigènes, du Clan de la Tortue des Nations Sénécas de la Confédération Iroquoise.

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  • Une somptueuse célébration des paysages arctiques et des animaux qui y vivent. L'auteur retrace également l'histoire du peuple esquimau pris entre ses traditions séculaires et les intrusions de la société technologique moderne.

  • Resistance

    Barry Lopez

    "Toute histoire de l'injustice a pour corollaire l'histoire, non moins ancienne, de la résistance.
    A la violence arbitraire, à l'ineffable cruauté, à l'infinie convoitise, à l'intarissable soif de pouvoir dont notre espèce ne cesse de faire preuve, certains, parmi nous, s'emploient à opposer, encore et toujours, leur entêtement éclairé et un souverain refus de se soumettre. Depuis maintenant plusieurs décennies, Lopez s'est fait le chroniqueur d'actes de résistance de cette sorte résistance à la destruction programmée de notre planète, résistance au mépris que nous manifestons envers notre prochain, résistance à l'ignorance que nous entretenons quant au monde où nous vivons, résistance à notre refus d'ouvrir les yeux sur les formes secrètes de la beauté, résistance à notre surdité quand s'élève une voix autre et qui narre un récit différent.
    Roman après roman, Barry Lopez a mis sa plume au service de " l'un des plus vieux rêves de l'humanité ", ainsi qu'il le qualifie lui-même, et qui consiste à " trouver une forme de dignité susceptible de s'appliquer à toute forme de vie "." ALBERTO MANGUEL (extrait de la postface)

  • Vous êtes là, dans le désert du sonora.
    Ou au bord d'une rivière. le frisson du vent dans les roseaux, la danse d'un héron, la fraîcheur d'un matin sur la peau, les tourbillons de l'eau dans lesquels s'agitent les récits des gens de la rivière : le plus mystérieux, le plus secret des écrivains " naturalistes " vivants raconte tout cela, tous les rituels de la nature qui nous échappent.

  • From the National Book Awardwinning author of Arctic Dreams, a highly charged, stunningly original work of fictionyes'>#8211;a passionate response to the changes shaping our country today. In nine fictional testimonies, men and women who have resisted the mainstream and who are now suddenly yes'>#8220;parties of interestyes'>#8221; to the government tell their stories.A young woman in Buenos Aires watches bitterly as her family dissolves in betrayal and illness, but chooses to seek a new understanding of compassion rather than revenge. A carpenter traveling in India changes his life when he explodes in an act of violence out of proportion to its cause. The beginning of the end of a manyes'>#8217;s lifelong search for coherence is sparked by a Montana grizzly. A man blinded in the war in Vietnam wrestles with the implications of his actions as a soldieryes'>#8211;and with innocence, both lost and regained.Punctuated with haunting images by acclaimed artist Alan Magee, Resistance is powerful fiction with enormous significance for our times.From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Vintage Readers are a perfect introduction to some of the greatest modern writers presented in attractive, accessible paperback editions.
    "Lopez has such great narrative skill and uses his words so carefully the simple intensity is often nearly overwhelming." --The Oregonian Barry Lopez is an unparalleled explorer of the relationship between humanity and nature, one he limns in prose as beautiful as it is economical. His essays and short fiction have appeared everywhere from Outside to Harper';s and The Paris Review. He is the winner of a 1986 National Book Award for his bestselling Arctic Dreams.
    Vintage Lopez is divided into two parts, nonfiction and fiction. It includes "Landscape and Narrative" ; the prologue to Arctic Dreams; and such classic short stories "The Entreaty of the Wiideema" and "The Mappist." Also included, for the first time in book form, the essay "The Naturalist." From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Five hundred years ago an Italian whose name, translated into English, meant Christopher Dove, came to America and began a process not of discovery, but incursion -- "a ruthless, angry search for wealth" that continues to the present day. This provocative and superbly written book gives a true assessment of Columbus's legacy while taking the first steps toward its redemption. Even as he draws a direct line between the atrocities of Spanish conquistadors and the ongoing pillage of our lands and waters, Barry Lopez challenges us to adopt an ethic that will make further depredations impossible. The Rediscovery of North America is a ringingly persuasive call for us, at long last, to make this country our home.
    From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • The acclaimed National Book Award winner gives us a collection of spellbinding new essays that, read together, form a jigsawpuzzle portrait of an extraordinary man.
    With the publication of his bestselling Of Wolves and Men, and with the astonishing originality of Arctic Dreams, Barry Lopez established himself as that rare writer whose every book is an event, for both critics and his devoted readership. Now, in About This Life, he takes us on a literal and figurative journey across the terrain of autobiography, assembling essays of great wisdom and insight. Here is farflung travel (the beauty of remote Hokkaido Island, the overexplored Galyes'>#225;pagos, enigmatic Bonaire); a naturalist's contention (Why does our society inevitably strip political power from people with intimate knowledge of the land smallscale farmers, Native Americans, Eskimos, cowboys?); and pure adventure (a dizzying series of aroundtheworld journeys with air freight everything from penguins to pianos). And here, too, are seven exquisite memory pieces hauntingly lyrical yet unsentimental recollections that represent Lopez's most personal work to date, and which will be read as classics of the personal essay for years to come.
    In writing about nature and people from around the world, by exploring the questions of our age, and, above all, by sharing a new openness about himself, Barry Lopez gives us a book that is at once vastly erudite yet intimate: a magically writtenand provocative work by a major American writer at the top of his form.
    From the Hardcover edition.

  • In this new collection of twelve stories, one of our most admired writers evokes the longing we feel for beauty in our relationships with one another, with the past. with nature. In these stories, we find men or women -- sometimes at odds with themselves, sometimes transcendently well grounded -- who have an experience that is profound, unsettling, and oddly liberating. In "Empira's Tapestry." a gravely ill woman begins to weave a luminous cloth in which is expressed all of the fervent desire she had for her life ... In "Homecoming," a botanist has become so caught up with his academic ambitions that he forgets the names of the wildflowers in his own woods until his young daughter re-teaches him ... And in "The Entreaty of the Wiideema," an anthropologist traveling with an aboriginal people finds that, because of his aggressive desire to understand them, they remain for him always disturbingly unknowable.
    These spare, haunting fictions, building cumulatively on each other, are marked by those qualities we have found in all of Barry Lopez's writing: a sense of the magic and marvelous strangeness of the world, respect for disparate ways of knowing and being, compassion for the human predicament, and a vibrant hope that comes from being alert and attentive to the complex beauties of landscape.
    Field Votes is the final book of a loosely connected trilogy that includes Desert Notes (1976) and River Notes (1979) and stands with the best of Barry Lopez's remarkably vried work.
    From the Hardcover edition.

  • Age: 8-9 years old Reading Level: 3rd grade The best illustrated fairytales for children!
    Once upon a time was a young girl called Wendy. Wendy lived with her parents, her two younger brothers and her dog in a beautiful big house. One night, as the children had just gone to sleep, a little boy entered by the window. Frightened, Wendy's mother managed to confine the boy's shadow in a drawer. But his friend, the fairy Tinker Bell, did not take long to free it. This is how, the next day, Wendy finally met him...
    The collection "Once Upon a Time" offers a new and richly illustrated version of the most famous fairytales.
    EXCERPT Once upon a time in London lived the Darling family. There were three children called Wendy, John, and Michael, and their pet dog Nana. One night, a strange boy passed their window. Seeing him, Mrs Darling uttered a cry of surprise. Nana rushed forward, but the boy ran away quickly, leaving his shadow behind. Mrs Darling took it and put it away in a drawer. But the young flying boy was always accompanied by a little fairy called Tinker Bell. She saw where Mrs Darling put away her friend´s shadow. The next day, while Mr and Mrs Darling were away, the boy and his friend, Tinker Bell, appeared in Wendy´s room.
    "Who are you? And why are you here?" She asked.
    "I lost my shadow," explained the boy. "I´ve come to find it. My name is Peter Pan and this is my friend, Tinker Bell." "Don´t worry, we´ve got your shadow and I can fix it," said Wendy. She made Peter Pan sit on her bed and sewed his shadow to the tip of his shoe.
    In the same collection:
    O Thumbelina o The Ugly Duckling o The Brave Little Tailor o The Tin Soldier o The Musicians of Bremen o Hansel and Gretel o Three Little Pigs o Beauty and the Beast o Goldilocks and the 3 Bears o The Little Thumb o Puss in Boots o Little Red Riding Hood o Sleeping Beauty o Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs o Cinderella

  • À l'aide d'objets du quotidien, les jeunes scientifiques (parfois aidés de leurs parents) pourront explorer l'univers de la physique quantique, observer de l'ADN, créer leur propre générateur électrique, simuler la formation d'une chaîne de montagnes, découvrir les couleurs secrètes des végétaux, gonfler un ballon sans souffler dedans, nettoyer des coquillages et bien d'autres choses encore. Chacune des expériences est accompagnée d'une analyse des résultats et de pistes pour approfondir sa connaissance du thème abordé. Ainsi, vous découvrirez que l'on peut très bien s'amuser tout en apprenant.
    Pédagogique et attrayant, cet ouvrage s'adresse aux jeunes lecteurs curieux de comprendre le monde qui les entoure et d'expliquer les phénomènes, petits et grands, qui constituent notre quotidien.