Anglais The Right Madness

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'The poet laureate of hard-boiled literature, superior even to James Lee Burke in his ability to evoke extreme melancholy, gruesome violence and an acute sense of landscape... Deeply compelling' Guardian Things are never straightforward for private detective C. W. Sughrue. A long-time recovering Vietnam veteran and prone to trouble, he's finally enjoying a slower pace of life. Until, that is, his old friend - psychiatrist William Mackinderick - enlists his help in shadowing some of his patients. Mackinderick suspects one of them may have taken highly confidential files from his office and he's desperate to know who. But soon Sughrue's not tracking them alive but dead, as one after the other they meet a gruesome end. Sughrue thought he'd seen it all before but he's been proved wrong...madness knows no bounds.

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