Anglais One To Count Cadence

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'Crumley writes like an angel on speed' Time Out Clark Air Force Base, the Philippines. 1962. Sergeant Jacob 'Slag' Krummel, wannabe scholar now warrior, is posted to the base to take command of the 721st Communication Security Detachment, perhaps the least committed band of drunken, rebellious and bored soldiers in the US Air Force. With the Vietnam War looming large in their minds, they cannot escape war, fear and the truth about America, overturning the lies they've been told about their homeland. First published in 1969, this is the debut that launched the career of one of the greatest writers of his generation. Crumley's timeless classic is a stunning exploration of the effects of war, told with his trademark razor-sharp dialogue, dark humour, relentless pace and remarkable set pieces.

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