Anglais The Final Country

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'This complex thriller is so hardboiled it makes Ellroy and Connelly read like Simon and Garfunkel... it's good. Very good' Time OutSettling - and calming - down is never easy. Especially not for Milo Milodragovitch. He's set up a bar, and found a woman he thinks he may love, but he can't leave his work as a private investigator behind entirely. When he crosses paths with ex-con Enos Walker, and as the bullets fly, he's launched on to a cocaine- and alcohol-fuelled quest to solve a 20-year-old mystery. It's a journey that will take him racing across Texas, Montana and Mexico, with barely a moment for him - or you - to catch breath...'A brilliant achievement, with Crumley returned to his full powers, seeming to say with each assured sentence, 'Yeah, I'm an old dog, but I still wag the baddest bone'' Publishers Weekly

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